• 50th Blog and 1st Anniversary

    by  • January 19, 2012 • Self-help


    You are very welcome to this my 50th blog. Hope you like the excellent redesign of the website. My grandson Conor of www.dropdeadcomedians.com did it to mark my 50th blog and the first anniversary of my website.

    He has elegantly reduced the clutter and made this text-based site easier to read. He has also realigned the archive making it easier to access in the process.The main highlights of the archive are the blogs on Building Strengths and Flow. The Happiness, New Year Resolution and Personal Development Planning blogs are also very popular.

    The redesign should also help me investigate more fully the self-help potential of Positive Psychology. As a closet life-hacker I get great joy from finding sound well researched concepts. Developing practical self-help exercises around them to bring joy into my own and other people’s lives is the main aim of these blogs.

    Building on Strengths

    For me the Building on Strengths blogs were the most exciting and personally fulfilling. Identifying my signature strengths as defined by Martin Seligman in his best selling book Authentic Happiness changed my life. It added a new sense of purpose and adjusting my life style to spend time building and using my signature strengths was the best thing I’ve ever done. As Seligman promised it has given me the highest success in living and the deepest emotional satisfaction I’ve experienced for a long time.

    Your Personal Development

    So I would urge you to read the Building on Strengths blogs and work on identifying and building your signature strengths. Make it your personal development goal for 2012 and I can assure you that it will change your life and give you as much fulfillment and gratification as it has given me.

    Exciting changes

    Be prepared for further exciting changes as I get used to working with the new design. I am also lining up a rather interesting schedule of blogs for the year ahead. The plan is to do two high quality blogs a month and make some time to reword and update the current archive. Any comments you have on the site and blogs will be very welcome.

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    We can use positive psychology to improve how we live our lives. So I love to share my understanding of it with others. To help them grow and flourish as I have. The posts on this blog set out to do just that. You need a lot of skill to make a relationship a happy one. So I write about relationship skills. Skills you can learn how to use in your own relationship. To keep it in good shape. To solve problems that may arise in it. And to improve the quality of your relationship. To make both of you happy.