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    “It takes half your life before you discover life is a ‘do-it-yourself ‘ project.” Napoleon Hill

    Personal Development do-it-yourself is a popular form of self-help. Usually you learn it yourself using self-help books to guide you.

    You can also do it on your own. Without any help. Like when you make a New year Resolution. And work at keeping it by relying on your own knowledge to see you through.

    Help is just a keystroke away on the internet. So why not use it? There are plenty of excellent learning sites and blogs like this one. They will give you the know-how you need to be successful. And you can compare what different sources have to say before deciding what you are going to do.

    The Range of DIY Self-Help Tools

    The blogs on this site describe a range of DIY Self-Help Tools for: Building Strengths. Flow. Goals. Happiness. Weakness. Checklists. New Year Resolutions. Organising Your Life. Planning. Procrastination. Self-Help. and How to Transform Your Life. The number and spread of topics covered gives you a feel for the range of material available on the internet.

    Building Strengths Blogs

    1. Identify Your Personal Strengths. 2. Make Worry One of Your Strengths. 3. Personal Strength Exercises. 4. Signature Strengths. 5. Signature Strengths Increase Power. 6. Strength Development: How to Checklist. 7. Strengths Finder Profile. 8. Work on Strengths or Weaknesses?

    Flow Blogs

    1. The Concept of Flow. 2. Happiness Can Transform Your Life. 3. Ten Things You Most Enjoy Doing. 4. Three Things That Give You Flow.

    Goal Setting Blogs

    1. How to Achieve Your Goal.  2. Setting Goals.

    Happiness Blogs

    1. Happiness: A How To Checklist. 2. Self-Talk: Make your Self-Talk Positive. 3. Get Your Life Balance Right. 4. Treat Yourself to Happiness. 5. Are You Happy? 6. Becoming Happy: One Smile at a Time. 7. Sources of Happiness. 8. Relationships Make you Happy. 9. Personal Development Makes You Happy. 10. Purpose in Life Makes You Happier. 11. Mastery of Key Life Areas. 12. Autonomy Makes You Happier. 13. Happiness Needs Self-Acceptance.

    Managing Weakness Blogs

    1. Make Worry One of Your Strengths.  2. Good Worry v Bad Worry.  3. Personal Development Plan.  4. Use NLP to Achieve Remedial Change.  5. Learning How to Master a Weakness.  6. What to do about Your Weaknesses.

    Checklist Blogs

    1. Must Read New Year Resolution Checklist.  2. Happiness: A How to Checklist.  3. Strength Development: How to Checklist.

    New Year Resolution Blogs

    1. Must Read New Year Resolution Checklist.  2. Happy New Year Resolutions.  3. New Year Resolutions Made Easy.  4. Make a Personal Development New Year Resolution.  5. Catch Up on New Year Resolutions.

    Organising Your Life Blogs

    1. More Time for Leisure.  2. A Self-Knowledge Reality Check.  3. Get Your Life Balance Right.  4. Organise Your Inbox and Your Life.

    Personal Development Blogs

    1. Accept Your Strengths and Weaknesses.  2. Catch up on New Year Resolutions.  3. Self-Acceptance: Move up a Gear.  4. New Approach to Personal Development Planning.  5. Personal Development Plan.  6. Your Most Important Values.  7. DIY Personal Development.

    Personal Development Planning Blogs

    1. New Approach to Personal Development Planning.  2. Goals Increase Your Strengths.  3. Manage Debilitating Weaknesses. 4. Identify Debilitating Weaknesses.  5. Build on Your Strengths.  6. Personal Development Plan

    Procrastination Blog

    1. The Seduction of procrastination.

    Self-Help Blogs

    1. In Praise of Self-Help.  2. Help! – Book of the Month.

    How to transform Your Life Blogs

    1. Negotiate: Use NLP to Get a better Deal.  2. Stress: How to Manage it Well.  3. Self-Talk: Make Your Self-Talk Positive.  4. Get Wise to Yourself.  5. Reap the benefits of Optimism. 6. Moments of Choice.  7. Make a personal Development New Year Resolution.  8. Self-Control Wisdom.  9. Creative Know How.  10. Unblock Your Creativity.  11. Feelings: Get Them to Work For You.  12. Happiness Can transform Your Life.


    These DIY blogs identify what you need to do to make desired changes in your life. For example, how to take stock of your life and identify the key issues you need to address.  Having identified these issues you can construct your own DIY personal development programme and use it to set the agenda for how you live. You can use the reference sources listed at the end of each blog to add to your knowledge.





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