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    by  • February 22, 2012 • Pick of the crop

    Favourite three Blogs with the most visits in February


    Favourite No.1:    New Year Resolution Check-list


    Why use a checklist

    In the construction of big buildings and in flying airplanes checklists are used to get things right according to Justin Fox of the Harvard Business Review. And Atul Gawande reports in The Checklist Manifesto that medical professionals designed a new surgery checklist that has saved lives all over the world.

    Encouraged by this success I decided to create a checklist for creating, introducing and integrating New Year Resolutions. It begins with the process of selecting them, working through January when about a third of people give up on them, finally it addresses the task of integrating them into your lifestyle routines.

    Favourite No.2:  Five personal strengths building exercises

    Build on Strengths

    Everyone of us has at least five key personal strengths but surprisingly few of us use them often enough to enjoy the increased happiness, gratification and sense of well-being that comes from doing so.  According to Linley (2010) the majority of polls show that the 80 percent of people who believe that improved performance comes from eliminating their weaknesses just don’t invest in identifying or building their strengths.

    If you are among those who are unwittingly or otherwise caught in this trap please consider parking your reservations just for long enought to explore just how you might go about building your strengths.  The following easy-to-do five exercises will help you to develop a plan of action that will increase your strengths.


    Favourite No.3: Reap the Benefits of Optimism

    Benefits of Optimism

    Optimists have setbacks in life. But they manage to deal with them. They bounce back from defeat. Pick themselves up and start again. They achieve more at work, at school, and in their sporting and personal lives. Are less depressed. Have a healthier immune system. Are happier and successful.

    Learned Optimism

    The good news is that we can learn to be optimistic. According to Martin Seligman the more we work at it the more optimistic we become just as we get fitter the more training and healthy eating we do. If you think there is nothing you have to learn about optimism do the Learned Optimism Test.


    We can use positive psychology to improve how we live our lives. So I love to share my understanding of it with others. To help them grow and flourish as I have. The posts on this blog set out to do just that. You need a lot of skill to make a relationship a happy one. So I write about relationship skills. Skills you can learn how to use in your own relationship. To keep it in good shape. To solve problems that may arise in it. And to improve the quality of your relationship. To make both of you happy.