• The more micro-moments of positive emotion you share…

    by  • January 6, 2015 • Happiness

    positive emotionEvery micro-moment of positive emotion  you give to others will make you feel good. And every one you get from them will please you every bit as much.

    They are a great way to connect with those who are near and dear to you. And not just them but also with people you have never met before and may never meet again.

    They are best seen as a social currency. One you can use to meet your social need to connect with others. They will not only improve your relationship with people you know but they can help you to make new friends.

    Plus the more of them you use the happier you will be. And the more of them you will get in return. In short you will thrive when you connect with people in this way.

    Why shared positive emotion is good for you

    The quality of your social relationships is crucial to your personal health. And interpersonal micro-moments are the building blocks of your social relationships. The more of them you give and the more of them you get the stronger your relationships will be.

    The satisfaction you give others and get from them will increase your sense of well-being. And the happier you will be. Which will help you to give of your best and to enjoy life to the full.

    A life in which you thrive and reach your full potential. Because you have learnt to master the art of how to connect well with people and of how to help them to connect well with you.

    Why failure to connect with people is bad for you

    Unless you connect well with people you will be lonely. It will make you feel bad to be excluded from the good things of life. To spend too much time alone and not it the company of like-minded people.

    How happy you feel depends on how good your close relationships are. These are the ones you manage to keep alive over the years. For it is only when you relate well to people who really care for you and for whom you care will you be happy.

    If a relationship is to work those who are in it need to communicate well with each other. You need to listen carefully to the other person. To share opinions with them and respond honestly when they share theirs with you.

    Share positive emotion with strangers as well as friends

    It is easy to see why long-term connections with our partners, family, relations and friends are good for us. And that when we share micro-moments of positive emotion with each-other it improves the quality of our relationships.

    But do you know that micro-moments of positive emotion you share with other people you meet are also good for you. And that you thrive when you connect well with them. Even those you have never met before and may never meet again.

    Learn to enjoy these short-term connections with others. Because the are good for you and can brighten up your day. The positive emotions you share with them can also help you in your long-term relationships.

    To share positive emotion with others you need to…

    Be honest, friendly and sincere. Show that you wish to connect with them. This helps them to accept and enjoy it. And to show their pleasure in turn.

    Look for ways to help the person you wish to connect with. Everyone has something they’d like help with. Find it and it will help you to deepen the connection as you satisfy it.

    Learn as much as you can about the person. Get to know what really matters to them. And how you can help them with it.

    Make friends with them. Show your high regard for them. Help them to feel competent and able to meet their own needs.

    The skills you need to share micro-moments of positive emotion

    Eye-contact and self-disclosure are the two abilities you use to share positive emotion. You use them to show a person how you feel about them and what they stand for. When you do this successfully you create a micro-moment of positive emotion. You connect with them and both of you feel the better for it.

    When you just make eye-contact with someone they will pick up the signal and your intent to connect with them. And both of you will share a micro-moment of positive emotion.

    You add yet more joy to the moment when you say a kind word to the other person. Or a helpful one. Or when you mirror the other person’s body posture or gestures.


    We can use positive psychology to improve how we live our lives. So I love to share my understanding of it with others. To help them grow and flourish as I have. The posts on this blog set out to do just that. You need a lot of skill to make a relationship a happy one. So I write about relationship skills. Skills you can learn how to use in your own relationship. To keep it in good shape. To solve problems that may arise in it. And to improve the quality of your relationship. To make both of you happy.