• Strengths: How to use them to your advantage

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    When we build our strengths. We can use our best qualities. Not our weakest ones. To get what we want from life. So it is important for us to learn how to use our strengths.

    Because when we use and build our strengths. Our skills grow. And we can do what we do best. To get far better results. Than we can with our weaker skills.

    It also helps with our weakness. For as our skills grow. And we get more confident. We can use our strengths to improve our weakness. So we can make up for them. To get a better all round performance.

     Identify your Character Strengths

    We think we know what our strengths are. But we can be mistaken about them. So we need to use well established psychological tests to identify them. Measure them. And then consciously develop them by using them. And then we can fine tune them to a higher level.

    Each of us has a range of 24 character strengths. These fall into six groups as follows:

    Wisdom and Knowledge:  1. Creativity    2. Curiosity    3. Open-mindedness   4. Love of Learning    5. Perspective

    Courage:  6. Bravery    7. Persistence   8. Integrity   9.Vitality

    Humanity:   10. Love   11. Kindness    12. Social Intelligence

    Justice:  13. Citizenship   14. Fairness   15. Leadership

     Temperance:  16. Forgiveness  17. Humility and Modesty   18. Prudence   19. Self-regulation

     Transcendence:   20. Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence   21. Gratitude   22. Hope   23. Humour   24. Spiritually

    How to find your strengths

    Do the Values in Action (VIA) Survey at http://www.viacharacter.org/SURVEYS.aspx.

    And the Clifton StrengthsFinder at http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2/182-0589268-8569245?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Clifton+Strengthsfinder

    These will help you to identify your four or five top strengths. These are strengths you are naturally good at using. They define you as a person. They can enable you to achieve your goals. And to live a fulfilled life if you can manage to use them regularly.

    How to use your strengths for personal development

    Identify how often you use your strengths. Do you use them in your job? If you do you are one of the lucky ones. And with any luck you will be able to find more ways of using them in the workplace. Not only does this help you to develop your strengths. It also gives you a high level of job satisfaction and personal gratification.

    If you don’t have any opportunity to use your top strengths at work. Then you might keep an eye out for a job that would give you an opportunity to do so. Even if this involves learning new skills or getting new qualifications. It is well worth doing so. The difference it will make to the quality of your life is enormous.

    How about your hobbies? Do they give you scope to use your strengths? If not then find ones that do. And reorganise your life to make as much time as possible for them.

    Set goals for using your strengths. Because the way to develop your strengths is to use them. Like muscles they develop and grow when you use them regularly. Look for new and interesting ways to use them. Both in your job and in your hobbies.

    Also consider taking study and skill courses. That will enable you to develop your strengths to a higher level. Because the more you use your strengths and the higher the level you use them at the more gratification you will experience. And the happier you will be.




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