• Top Personal Development Tweets of the week – Issue No. 2

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    Tweets It has been yet another great week for Personal Development Tweets. This selection of top ones plus the insights I draw from them will add to your store of self-knowledge. The variety and quality of these Tweets make Twitter the number one source of personal development wisdom on the internet. And it is often the quality of the links in these Tweets that makes them such a great source of learning. Learning that is only a click away.

    My selection of Tweets for the list is based on the quality of the learning I see in them. This weeks selection begins with a nice take on the concept of personal development. The second, on how to find happiness in yourself. The third one is about how to develop your optimism and the change it can make in your life. The fourth one of the Tweets helps us to cope with our bad feelings. The fifth one shows us that how we think is the key to how we live our lives. 

    1st. of the Top Personal Development Tweets of the Week

    TweetsToriHartman @ToriHartman “The purpose of a goal is not found in its achievement, but in who you become in the process.” 

    Thank you Tori, for this great Tweet. What a lovely idea to link what we achieve with how we develop in this way. It enhances our understanding of both ideas. When we know what we achieve depends on how we develop. And how we develop depends on what we achieve. We are well placed to move forward on both fronts.

    It also answers those who see personal development as a theory. A classroom course of studies or something to read about in books. When it places it in its proper place at the forefront of our daily lives. Where it is a cutting edge concept of the way we are and can be.

    2nd of the Top Personal Development Tweets of the week

    TweetsDenny Coates @DennyCoates “It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere.” – Agnes Repplier.

    Yet another great Tweet from Denny. He shows us where we need to look for happiness. It lies in our hearts. So close at hand but hard to find nonetheless. Yet knowing where to look for it and where not to look for it is an advantage.

    In truth this is an insight than far too many people do not have. And even if you are one of the lucky ones don’t let yourself be smug about it. For learning how to find happiness within yourself is far from easy. Make it your number one goal. And work at it every day of your life.

    3rd. of the Top Personal Development Tweets of the week.

    TweetsMeredith Bell @MeridethMBell “One of the best insights I ever got came from the book Learned Optimism:  http://ht.ly/gD9Io

    Thanks Meredith for this excellent Tweet. Your insight into how we can change the way we talk to ourselves is very helpful. It can change  the way we view ourselves. It is one of the keys to our success in life. We can learn to use it to increase the control we have over events.

    Seligman tells us this is our “explanatory” style. And the great thing about it is that we can change it for the better. If we so wish. We can shift our outlook from pessimism to optimism. Or as I did you can increase the level of your optimism. And apply it to areas of your life that you did not think was possible. If you are interested in this I suggest you get a copy of Dr. Seligman’s book Learned Optimism.

    4th. of the Top Personal Development Tweets of the week.

    TweetsBob Burg @BobBurg “Current post: If it ain’t Authentic… It Ain’t Sustainable” at http://bit.ly/15mBeOr

    Bob is a great Tweeter and a great blogger. In this Tweet he tells us about the latest post on his blog site. Where he shares his insight about how to deal with bad feelings or yucky ones as he calls them. Which is great because bad feelings are a problem for all of us. And we are not sure what to do about them.

    We feel bad. Bob tells us, about things we do that are not in keeping with our authentic nature. We have as Carl Rogers says and ideal self which is what we aspire to be and our real self which is what we are. We feel good when we live in the space between our real and our ideal self. But when we fall below this level we feel bad and what we achieve doesn’t last no matter how significant it is. So the next time you feel bad ask yourself is it because you’ve done something unworthy of your real self. And face up to the fact that what it got you, no matter how worthwhile it seems to be, just will not last.

    5th. of the Top Personal Development Tweets of the week.

    TweetsMia Larson ‏@MiaLarson  Change your thoughts and you change your world.” ~ N.V. Peale
    Mia is one of my favourite Tweeters. Here she links change with what we think and what we want to get from life. We all want change but all too often we work at changing the wrong things. And fail to see that the key to change is within our gift.
    Even so it is a great challenge. Few us have learnt how to think clearly. To find what thoughts we need to change. And then how to change them. But we can do it. And as Mia promises it can change our world for the better.


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