• Top Personal Development Tweets of the week: Issue No. 5

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    The aim of this series is to find the top Tweets on Personal Development. To identify the very best ones from week to week. And then to explore what we can learn from them.Tweets

    It shows the value of Twitter as a source of learning. The range of great ideas it has. And how willing people are to share their knowledge and their experience. In a way that helps others to grow and flourish.

    It is a great new source of learning. One that is available all round the world. For every hour of every day and night of the year. Ready for you to learn from whenever you might wish to do so.

    This weeks selection of Tweets is exciting in a number of ways. For those who are new to the field as well as for those of us who know it rather well. It highlights a number of easy-to-understand home truths about personal development. Ones you can use to add value to your life.

    No. 1 of the Top Personal Development Tweets of the week.

    TweetsHighrise Habits @HR-Habits “Happiness is when you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” – Gandhi.

    This quote from Gandhi sums up what personal development is all about. It helps you to get the right kind of harmony between what you think, what you say and what you do. When you have got this kind of harmony you will be able to get what you want from life now. And the challenge from then on is to maintain this level of harmony.

    The key to getting this process to work for you is to begin with what you think. When you update that the other parts of the process will fall naturally into place. It is the foundation on which to build a set of personal skills to achieve your life goals. Start by finding what your personal values are. Then learn to say and do what is true to these values. Make them your convictions and your conscience. And live by these personal values. Say and do what you promise both to yourself and to others. Only then will you find the harmony that leads to success.

    No. 2 of the Top Personal Development Tweets of the week.

    TweetsJudy Hoberman @SellinginASkirt “My greatest successes have always been when I started something from the ground floor.”

    Judy shows how to use Gandhi’s ideas in our daily life. As she says you will have the greatest successes when you start from the ground floor and work your way up. The ground floor is where you get your basic thinking right. Where you tune in to your true values and apply them to the situation in hand.

    Once you get the basics right. They become the foundation on which to build your project. So start with your thinking. When you have sorted it out to your satisfaction. Move on to what you say. And then to what you do.

    As well as doing this with your personal development. It is important to use it for all the projects you work on. And for all the areas of your life. When you build these up from the ground you will have much more success in your life.

     No. 3 of the Top Personal Development Tweets of the week.

    TweetsCarolina Aramburo @CarolinAramburo “Start with what is right rather than what is acceptable.” – Peter Drucker.

    Your personal values will tell you what is right. And that is the starting point for you. The key to success is doing what is right and not just what is acceptable to others. Success and happiness flow from what is right. There is more to life than just doing what is acceptable. It is about living up to your values. And doing what is right.

    Success does not come from doing just what is acceptable. You need to strive for higher standards than that. To find what is right for you. And then build the knowledge and skills you need to do it.

    No. 4 of the Top Personal Development Tweets of the week.

    TweetsLizfrerich @lizfrerich “You don’t need to know all your answers in advance. Just have a clear idea of the goal you want to reach. You can only take one step at a time.”

    Once you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve that is enough. You can move on from there once your values are clear. And what you want is in tune with them. They will guide you to make the right choices. To make one step at a time. And to build on this step as you move forward.

    Keep your feet on the ground. Don’t over analyse or try to cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s before you move forward. Trust your values to guide you to success. And to show what the next step is once you have taken the first one.

    No. 5 of the Top Personal Development Tweets of the week.

    TweetsKevin Green @MySOdotCom  RT @HR_Habits. “All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.” – Saint Francis of Assisi.

    When you get your values in order. When you build on them it lights up the way forward for you. You stand out from the crowd. Blessed with the ability to solve the problems that arise. To come up with solutions that work for you and for the others in your life. You become a beacon to light up the way forward for yourself and for others.

    And all the uncertainty of what lies ahead will not deter you. For you know that you will be able to cope with the next step forward. Certain that each step leads to your goal. And to the fulfillment of what you value most in life.


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