• Top Personal Development Tweets of the week. Issue No. 3.

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    TweetsYet another great week for Tweets. Our Tweeting community is going from strength to strength. And I am impressed by the wisdom of the Tweets I have read this week. Twitter is a great place to learn personal development.

    The more I search for quality Tweets the more of them I find. And well written ones at that. This shows just how much many Tweeters know about personal development.

    The first Tweet of the week is about being grateful and using restorative exercises to unwind. The second is about upgrading your listening skills by learning how to listen from different  standpoints. The third explores enthusiasm and how we can increase it. The fourth is about leadership and focus on getting the other person to win. The fifth is about the value of having a goal that is bigger than yourself.

    1st. of the Top Personal Development Tweets of the week.

    TweetsBreak For Success @Breakforsuccess“Spend roughly 15 minutes thinking of everything you’re grateful for: in yourself, among your family and friends & in your career.”

    What I love about this Tweet is the restorative nature of the exercise it suggests. We all need to take restorative action to unwind the muscular and mental tension that builds up in our life.

    This build up happens every day without our knowing it. And if we fail to deal with it we get stressed and debilitated. The best cure is to use a number of easy to do restorative exercises like the one above. To make them part of your daily routine. When they become part and parcel of your lifestyle you will feel the benefit of them.

    Ideally you need four or five of these exercises to cope with the cut and thrust of life as we live it today. For example, my favourite ones are: 1. Meditation. 2. Walking the dog in the local park. 3. Stretching and exercising on my rebounder. 4. Short sessions of mindfulness. 5. Listening to Mozart. 6. Reading fiction while doing so. 7. And I am now going to add the above gratefulness exercise to my list.

    2nd. of the Top Personal Development Tweets of the week.

    Tweets Judy Hoberman @SellinginASkirt: “Men listen to find out what the point is or what the problem is. They’re focused on determining the most important part of the conversation…”

    Listening is a great skill. Alas most of us have not learnt how to do it well. As Judy suggests we all listen from a given standpoint. And when we are really good listeners we get all or most of the information we seek. Which is fine you would think.

    Not so. Judy for one doesn’t think so. Her point is that there are other standpoints. And to be a really good listener we need to be able to listen from several standpoints. This will give us a more rounded view of what is happening. It helps us to pick up all the clues. Everything we need to know to understand what is going on. To tune in to other people’s views and needs. And to be able to respond with understanding.

    3rd. of the Top Personal Development Tweets of the week.

    TweetsBeth Tabak @BethTabak “Every production of genius must be the production of enthusiasm.” Benjamin Disraeli.

    Thanks Beth for highlighting the fact that enthusiasm is the key to success. It helps us to go that extra mile that makes all the difference to the quality of what we do. It also helps us to enjoy what we are doing. Yet it is one that we do not understand very well.

    For example, do you know how enthusiastic do you are? Do you have a lot of energy? Are you curious and interested? Do you focus on what is good rather than what is bad? Do you feel deeply about things and laugh often? Do you love what you do? Do you see your job as doing something that is greater than you? Which of these are you best at?

    These are your strengths as an enthusiast. Build on them. Use them more often. As you get better and better at them you will become more of an enthusiast. They will more than compensate for your weaknesses in this area.

    4th. of the Top Personal Development Tweets of the week.

    TweetsKevin Green @MySOdotCom RT @SteveGutzler“Forget win-win – focus on the other person’s win.” #leadership

    Win-win is when you win and the other person also wins. This was a great idea in a world that was hell-bent on win-lose. You win and the other person loses. The idea of win-win emphasised working together to achieve both of our best interests.

    TweetsSteve’s idea of focusing on the other person’s win moves the whole thing up a notch. Instead of thinking about what you will get out of it as well as what the other person gets. You put all your energy into helping the other person to win. This is real leadership. Because when the other person wins his or her leader also wins. You both win in the true sense of the word. In a far better way than when you focus only on win-win

    5th. of the Top Personal Development Tweets of the week.


    Beingyourbestfriend @Beingyourbestfriend“Having a noble goal something bigger than ourself is what leads to  happiness.”

    Having a noble goal certainly leads to happiness. But how it does so is not immediately clear. To begin with it gives a new sense of meaning to your life. It brings your highest values, convictions and conscience into play. It gives you a sense of direction.

    It gives meaning to your life and enables you to contribute to people and to other worthy causes. It brings your life and your work into line with your unique talents and gifts. And to your sense of calling in life.

    For example my noble goal is to tell as many people as I possibly can about Personal Development. To share my unique understanding of it with them. The happiness that flows from having a noble goal is very real. It comes from the new sense of meaning in your life and the use of your talents. And it spreads into all the areas of your life.


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    Mary Marcdante (2003) Living with Enthusiasm.


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