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    A workshop is much better than a one off blog for introducing people to ideas and skills. We can learn a lot from them.

    To take our learning process up a step. I have written an online workshop. To help people learn how to think more intelligently.

    A workshop is the best place to learn skills. It puts each student through their paces. Helps them to learn by doing. To master the basics of the skill. With the help of a tutor.

    The textbook for this workshop is “The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking”. By Burger and Starbird. And I present it in five parts. With learning exercises at the end of each part. To help you to master the skill. You can study the masterclass at your own pace and in your own time. And you can use the coaching service on this site for tutorials if you wish.

    Workshop Part One: Think intelligently: Five ways to improve your ability to think

    Success is not about genius. It is about the ability to think. To have creative ideas. Wrestle successfully with tricky problems. Come up with novel solutions. Spot unlikely opportunities. And act on your best instincts.

    Yes it is the ability to think that makes the difference. And you can learn to improve how you do so to a level that is as good as the best in your field.

    Workshop Part Two: Think intelligently: Seven ways to understand issues more clearly

    We are much more effective when we understand things. It helps us to see them more clearly. Opens up more options for us. And gives us more influence over them.

    You need to start with the basics. This is the best way to learn how to understand issues. You can use the simple basic areas of your every day life for this purpose. When you have a very deep understanding of them. You will be able to move onto more complex issues. And achieve a very deep understanding of them.

    Workshop Part Three: Think intelligently: Four ways to learn from mistakes and setbacks

    Most of what we achieve has its share of setbacks. That can be hard to solve. We need to think intelligently about them. Because it is what we learn from them that lead us to success.

    The ability to see setbacks and failure as a learning opportunity is the key to success. They are not something to feel bad about.  Think of them as an opportunity to get things right. Ask what is wrong? Why is it wrong? And work hard to fix it.

    To be successful you must be able to learn from failure. Here are four ways to think intelligently about it. That you can use to have even more success in your life.

    Workshop Part Four: Think intelligently: Four ways to create and ask very good questions.

    We can all ask questions. But few of us have the ability to ask good questions. Which is a pity because good questions get better answers. And give us an insight into how other people think.

    And into what we think ourselves. Because when we ask ourselves good questions. We see our assumptions. Question them. And think more clearly as a result.

    There are five types of good questions. Open. Closed. Specific. Probing. And Hypothetical. Learn the ones that are new to you. And then use them often. Think of them as muscles you need to keep in shape.

    Workshop: Think intelligently: And use the flow of ideas to get results

    Ideas don’t stand alone. They have a history and a future. Knowing the history of an idea helps us to understand it. Decide where, when and how to use it. And when we think about its future we get a feel for how we might adjust it to suit our needs.

    Looking at an idea in these ways can be helpful. It lets us see the potential of the idea more clearly. And helps us to think of how to use it more creatively.

    Exploring where ideas come from and where they are going is fun. Trying to see how ideas are linked is interesting. And when we think intelligently about them like this it opens more options for us.



    Burger E. & Starbird M. (2012) The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking: Woodstock UK: Princeton University Press.



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